Best Songs in 2012

One of the greates year in music world ever. Quick rising stars, musicians and sings from real time tv shows defined this year and by that we made our greates list of top songs of 2012.

Song 22 by Taylor Swift


By Taylor Swift

The song started with a typical country music touch but soon shifted to a pop number still keeping that country touch.
Song Cry (The Voice Performance) by Cassadee Pope


By Cassadee Pope

Again a good performance from a contender of The Voice. The music is very good and same is the performance by the singer.
Song Some Nights by Fun.

Some Nights

By Fun.

This alternative rock song is still climbing on our charts. Current's best position it had was no. 28. Song is recorded on also called album "Some Nights" which was released in February 2012. Fun. started in 2008.
Song I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz

I Won't Give Up

By Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is active in music from year 1999. His latest hit "I won't Give Up" is pop rock song released into air in April 2012 but it was first performed on his 2011 concert tour. Music hit can be found on Jason's fourth studio album called "Love is a Four Letter Word".
Song Candy by Robbie Williams


By Robbie Williams

On his 9th studio album "Take the Crown" Robbie has taken music to a different level. Song Candy is a pop ballad taking second best place on our music chart.
Song Without You (Glee Cast Version) by Glee Cast

Without You

By Glee Cast

This is soundtrack single from Glee Cast from 10-th episode in third Glee season. Song is a pop balade and it got up to place no.4 on our chart. Singing of the song was done by Rachel Barbra Berry (one of the main characters).
Song Stupid Boy (The Voice Performance) by Cassadee Pope

Stupid Boy

By Cassadee Pope

A typical pop number! It goes to the farthest corners of notes and touches each one of them that we are far away from. Of course, i can't tell you if she hit them right or not, but yes, it sounded right.
Song Balada (Tchê Tcherere Tchê Tchê) by Gusttavo Lima


By Gusttavo Lima

Balada is song performed by Brazilian artist Gusttavo Lima. Song was a big music hit as much as song from Michael Telo (Ai se eu te pego!). Song went crazy in Europe where song hit most of European radio music charts.
Song Home (American Idol Performance) by Phillip Phillips


By Phillip Phillips

American Idol has in session eleven created a new rising star. His name Phillip Phillips and is already taking top position in all music charts around the world. With his single "Home" has taken best music positions.
Song Augenbling by Seeed


By Seeed

The music is engaging and catchy and will keep you bound from the start to the end. Though the language was something different, i was so hooked to this one that despite those bass-y beats, i translated the lyrics and read them again.
Song I Knew You Were Trouble. by Taylor Swift

I Knew You Were Trouble.

By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift song "I Knew You Were Trouble" is love song. Song is about breaking up love song that immediatlly popped up on our best songs 2012 list and made place no.3. This is one of the best songs made by Taylor on her third album called "Red".
Song Can You Hear Me? (Ayayaya) by Wiley

Can You Hear Me?

By Wiley

Hip hop song by Wiley (Richard Kylea Cowie) is a song from his album "The Ascent". He is English rapper covering genres like: Grime, eskibeat, garage, hip hop and rap.
Song Einmal um die Welt by Cro

Einmal um die Welt

By Cro

The song is okay for me. Neither bad nor great. But i don't know how well it sounded to the other 4 million viewers on YouuTube.
Song Turn Up the Love (feat. Cover Drive) by Far East Movement

Turn Up the Love

By Far East Movement

Dirty Bass is a fourth music album from American group Far East Movement where you will find song Turn Up the Love. This version of song was released in May 2012 featuring Cover Drive.
Song Daylight by Maroon 5


By Maroon 5

Suppose you've got a new job and you're going to leave the country tomorrow for the next 1 year. Now, for the last time, you're going to meet your love and going to spend that night with her. Then, what will be your feelings for her?
Song I Found You by The Wanted

I Found You

By The Wanted

"I found you" is a single from band The Wanted released in November 2012 on album "TBA". British-Irish band is together since 2009 and till now they made a few music hits.
Song Both of Us (feat. Taylor Swift) by B.o.B

Both of Us

By B.o.B

B.o.B created this song with Tyler Swift singing the chorus of the song. B.o.B is American rapper and release the song in May 2012 on his second music album "Strange Clouds". B.o.B. made this song in hip hop style and the song became immediate hit.
Song Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida) by Olly Murs


By Olly Murs

Third music album (Right Place Right Time) made by English pop musician Olly Murs presents us also song Troublemaker which already became a huge hit on UK ground.
Song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

Call Me Maybe

By Carly Rae Jepsen

This single from Carly Rae Jepsen from the album "Curiosity" is pop disco style song. Carly is Canadian singer and she is in music industry from 2007 (started in Canadian Idol music show). This is one of her best songs besides "Sour Candy" and "Curiosity".
Song She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) [feat. Sia] by David Guetta

She Wolf

By David Guetta

The latest release by David Guetta, "She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)", is the first single from the re-released album "Nothing but the Beat 2.0".
Song Impossible by James Arthur


By James Arthur

The song has been performed by James Arthur and written by Arnthor Birgisson and Ina Wroldsen. It was the first single released by the artist after winning the 9th season of X-Factor.
Song Wings by Little Mix


By Little Mix

Little Mix, the British all-girl group, released their lead single ‘Wings’ from their debut album DNA. The pop song was first aired on BBC Radio 1 in July and has garnered positive comments ever since.
Song Die Young by Ke$ha

Die Young

By Ke$ha

Song is placed to third position on top songs of 2012 music chart. This song made by Keisha appears on album "Warrior". Song was announced on MTV VMA show that song will go to public in September 2012.
Song Spectrum (Say My Name) [Calvin Harris Remix] by Florence + The Machine


By Florence + The Machine

Great song made by Florence and the Machine. English group band is playing alternative and indie music. This is again one of the music hits from their album called "Ceremonials".
Song State of Grace by Taylor Swift

State of Grace

By Taylor Swift

State of Grace is song no.1 currently on charts. After the release song popped up on all music charts and took first places on most of them. Taylor hit the nail with this song and it's considered fastest climbing songs in 2012.
Song Diamonds by Rihanna


By Rihanna

Song has touch of electronic but it's mostly pop soul style song. Again Rihanna created great song and it's up and running on our top 10 songs charts taking place no. 4. Song went to air on Rihanna's seventh studio album.
Song Back In Time (From "Men In Black III") by Pitbull

Back In Time

By Pitbull

Pitbull is conquering movies world with his latest song Back in time used in soundtrack in latest "Man in Black III" movie. This dance-pop/hip hop song is perfect for this movie. Song got on top 4 songs on our chart.
Song Lost in Your Love by Redlight

Lost in Your Love

By Redlight

"Lost in your Love" debuted at no. 5 in the UK charts. The single by the English producer Redlight was released in 3 other different versions as well.
Song What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

What Makes You Beautiful

By One Direction

One Directon and their songs hit our chars as soon as they were heard on radio and TV. Best position till now they had was no. 3 on our music charts. One direction rised up after X-factor competition by British boy band.
Song Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa) by Maroon 5


By Maroon 5

New song published in April 2012 on album with name "Overexposed". Rock group Maroon 5 in assistance of american rapper Wiz Khalifa created another great song. Song is kind of pop rock ballad combination of music genres and talks about lost love and romance.
Song Begin Again by Taylor Swift

Begin Again

By Taylor Swift

This country style song made by American artist Taylor Swift is one of the best songs currently on our chart. After release in 25-th of September 2012 song got to place no.1 in notime.
Song Little Things by One Direction

Little Things

By One Direction

This is only song that got on the top of our charts in only five days time. One Direction created another music hit that is one of the best songs on our top 10 songs music chart.
Song Hottest Girl in the World by JLS

Hottest Girl in the World


R&B from England in form of boy band called JLS. Band is active for more than six years as they started in 2006. Song is in collection called "Evolution" which is a JLS's fourth album.
Song I Almost Do by Taylor Swift

I Almost Do

By Taylor Swift

Nice and slow country ballad with super voice by Taylor. This is again one of Taylor's Swift greatest music hits. Song's bes position was made few days ago and it got to top 5 songs in 2012.
Song One Day / Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix) [Radio Edit] by Asaf Avidan & The Mojos

One Day / Reckoning Song

By Asaf Avidan & The Mojos

Currently most known Israeli singer and songwriter with his song "One Day". Asaf Avidan is a leader of folk indie group called Asaf Avidan & the Mojos. Together they made album "The Reckoning".
Song Turn to You (Mother's Day Dedication) by Justin Bieber

Turn to You

By Justin Bieber

Now, if it's Justin Beiber behind the mic, it's very rare that the results are to be any less than awesome. The teen sensation has taken over the music charts in a flash and is still ruling them very convincingly.
Song One More Night by Maroon 5

One More Night

By Maroon 5

"One more night" is great song from Maroon 5 and it's all ready taking top positions on our chart. Currently it's best position is place no 7 on 6/19/2012 but it's rising fast. This is pop song from Maroon 5.
Song Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by P!nk

Blow Me

By P!nk

This single comes from American rock singer Pink and was released on album "The Truth About Love". This is the sixt-th album from Pink that already made success worldwide. Pink hasn't been on our chart for a while but now she is back with this great song "Blow Me".
Song Too Close by Alex Clare

Too Close

By Alex Clare

One year after release in UK we finally got it also in USA. Song was released in April 2012 in the states and it's sing by Alex Clare British singer playing mostly drum and base, rock and soul music.
Song Bilder im Kopf by Sido

Bilder im Kopf

By Sido

I'd say that i can't judge this song rightly. The song or more correctly, the rap is in some other language which i can't understand. And being a hip-hop fan, i know what the lyrics mean to a rapper and the fans.
Song Your Body by Christina Aguilera

Your Body

By Christina Aguilera

Song got to place no.6 on our music charts. It's fast climber after the release in September 2012. This is another great song by Christina Aguilera.
Song Stardust by Lena


By Lena

Stardust is song from also so called album "Stardust" made by German music artist Lena. She first came known to public by winning Eurovision song contest in 2010.
Song Die In Your Arms by Justin Bieber

Die In Your Arms

By Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber created another good song on his third album "Believe". Song is one of the best songs Justin created. Not only that it got on top of the charts after release but it also got just positive critics and reviews. Song was released in May 2012.
Song No Name by Ryan O'Shaughnessy

No Name

By Ryan O'Shaughnessy

Irish actor, singer and lyricist, Ryan O'Shaughnessy who went on to make it to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent, released his latest song ‘No Name’. The new song 2012 is about an unknown girl but it has wowed many along with the Judges of Britain’s Got Talent, with its lyrics and vocals by Ryan O'Shaughnessy.
Song Ho Hey by The Lumineers

Ho Hey

By The Lumineers

Band from Denver USA got famous as a folk band in 2005 when they started their career. Song Ho Hey is another one from their debut self-titled music album.
Song Good Feeling by Flo Rida

Good Feeling

By Flo Rida

"Good Feeling" is expceptional song from rapper Flo Rida. This is the fourth song on his fourth album called "Wild Ones". Song's genre is hip hop house and it's one of the best things Flo Rida has created until now.
Song Taking Over Me by Lawson

Taking Over Me

By Lawson

Pop rock music band Lawson has come up with their 2nd single, "Taking Over Me" from their debut album Chapman Square. Released by Polydor Records in United Kingdom, ‘Taking Me Over’ premiered on YouTube on 6th July.
Song We'll Be Coming Back by Calvin Harris

We'll Be Coming Back

By Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris’ upcoming album ‘18 Months’ released its 4th single "We'll Be Coming Back" on 27th July 2012. The song lasted 2 weeks at the second position of UK Singles Chart.
Song Give Me All Your Luvin' (feat. Nicki Minaj, M.I.A.) by Madonna

Give Me All Your Luvin'

By Madonna

Famous combination of three well known music artist and one of the best in music performance industry. Madonna hit the winning combination with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.. Energetic song with a lot of dance in the video.
Song Love and War by Tamar Braxton

Love and War

By Tamar Braxton

The song is the single from the second album of Tamar Braxton. As soon as it was released, the single topped in many iTunes charts across many countries and also topped the US charts.

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