New and Latest Songs 2012

Do you wan't to be up to date with the music. Want to know what everybody is talking about and listning to. Then this is your opertunity. Check out this new songs in 2013 and you will see what is and what will be coming out this year in music world.

Song Der 5. Advent: 21. Dezember (21 von 24) by Die drei ???
Song Der 5. Advent: 20. Dezember (20 von 24) by Die drei ???
Song Der 5. Advent: 19. Dezember (19 von 24) by Die drei ???
Song Der 5. Advent: 18. Dezember (18 von 24) by Die drei ???
Song Der 5. Advent: 17. Dezember (17 von 24) by Die drei ???
Song Broken Wings (The Voice Performance) by Terry McDermott

Broken Wings

By Terry McDermott

Let me first tell you that I've been a recent viewer of The Voice and i must say that this show is a must watch. There have been many performances, one better than the other and you just can't say which one is better.
Song He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother by The Justice Collective

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

By The Justice Collective

Some of most famous singers are performing for a charity donations. This song is a classical ballad written by Bobby Scott and Bob Russell and performed by The Hollies in 1969.
Song Cry (The Voice Performance) by Cassadee Pope


By Cassadee Pope

Again a good performance from a contender of The Voice. The music is very good and same is the performance by the singer.
Song Raus aus dem Nebel by Jean-Michel Aweh

Raus aus dem Nebel

By Jean-Michel Aweh

I don't know what the song says. All i know is that I just had an awesome time listening to this beautiful masterpiece.
Song Der 5. Advent: 16. Dezember (16 von 24) by Die drei ???
Song Bilder im Kopf by Sido

Bilder im Kopf

By Sido

I'd say that i can't judge this song rightly. The song or more correctly, the rap is in some other language which i can't understand. And being a hip-hop fan, i know what the lyrics mean to a rapper and the fans.
Song Der 5. Advent: 14. Dezember (14 von 24) by Die drei ???
Song Clouds by Zach Sobiech
Song L'Americano (feat. The Boys from Made In Chelsea) by The Gypsy Queens


By The Gypsy Queens

Your first reaction after listening to the song will be, "Ummaah". It is such a piece of work that no one can hate it.
Song Der 5. Advent: 13. Dezember (13 von 24) by Die drei ???
Song Stupid Boy (The Voice Performance) by Cassadee Pope

Stupid Boy

By Cassadee Pope

A typical pop number! It goes to the farthest corners of notes and touches each one of them that we are far away from. Of course, i can't tell you if she hit them right or not, but yes, it sounded right.
Song Impossible by James Arthur


By James Arthur

The song has been performed by James Arthur and written by Arnthor Birgisson and Ina Wroldsen. It was the first single released by the artist after winning the 9th season of X-Factor.
Song Mrs. Lawless by Michael Lane
Song Heimweh by Isabell Schmidt


By Isabell Schmidt

Umm.. a powerful as well as sweet song. You can't hate it for sure as it has something for everyone.
Song How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and The Diamonds

How to Be a Heartbreaker

By Marina and The Diamonds

Song performed by Welsh singer-songwriter Marina and the Diamonds taken from the US Edition of her sophomore album, "Electra Heart". Song is of great quality and we expect it to be one of the top 2012 songs.
Song Just One Last Time (feat. Taped Rai) by David Guetta

Just One Last Time

By David Guetta

You expect something ice breaking from the no. 1 DJ mixer of the world and like every time, he delivers the same this time as well.
Song Unbreakable by Nick Howard


By Nick Howard

One of the best lines I've heard, "Love is stronger than everything". Yes, this song defines the strength and not just weeps on losing someone. This concept differentiates it from the rest.
Song Love and War by Tamar Braxton

Love and War

By Tamar Braxton

The song is the single from the second album of Tamar Braxton. As soon as it was released, the single topped in many iTunes charts across many countries and also topped the US charts.
Song Der 5. Advent: 05. Dezember (5 von 24) by Die drei ???
Song Let the Snowflakes Fall by Ultan Sherry
Song Der 5. Advent: 04. Dezember (4 von 24) by Die drei ???
Song Stay by Florida Georgia Line


By Florida Georgia Line

"Stay" is the sixth single of the debut album of the American Country Duo, Florida Georgia Line released recently on 4th of December.
Song And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going (The Voice Performance) by Trevin Hunte
Song I Want To Know What Love Is (The Voice Performance) by Terry McDermott

I Want To Know What Love Is

By Terry McDermott

I think I'm gonna end as a big fan of the musical show The Voice. There have been so many beautiful outstanding performances in last few days that I've come across on the web. The show has some brilliant performers packed for you.
Song When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

When I Was Your Man

By Bruno Mars

In six years of music career a person called Peter Gene Hernández aka Bruno Mars has sold over 40 million of songs world wide. His pop soul and funky music style made his songs famous.
Song Somewhere Over the Rainbow (The Voice Performance) by Nicholas David

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

By Nicholas David

A beautiful song. That's all in praise of this single from The Voice. The song has been performed by Nicholas David and seems to me a powerful contender for the crown from this performance.
Song I'm With You (The Voice Performance) by Cassadee Pope
Song Stand (The Voice Performance) by Cassadee Pope
Song Fest der Liebe by Y-Titty
Song When a Child Is Born by Sinéad O'Connor, Danny O'Reilly & RTE Concert Orchestra
Song Too Close (The Voice Performance) by Melanie Martinez

Too Close

By Melanie Martinez

Song made by Alex Clare perfectly performed by Melanie Martinez in her special style. Song is taking huge part of success in a short Melanie career. The Voice show is taking this youg talent fame to the skies.
Song Are You Happy Now? (The Voice Performance) by Cassadee Pope

Are You Happy Now?

By Cassadee Pope

This month we can't get pass the music talents from The Voice series. One of most known is also Cassadee Pope. Young talented singer has still more stuff to show to the people.
Song Sight of You by Tulisa
Song Girl On Fire (feat. Nicki Minaj) [Inferno Version] by Alicia Keys

Girl On Fire

By Alicia Keys

Alicia's latest (fifth) album called "Girl on Fire" contains also selected song "Girl On Fire". Song is one of the best work from Alicia till today and combination singing with Nicki Minaj is simply great.
Song Army of Two by Olly Murs
Song Dear Darlin' by Olly Murs
Song Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales by Mrs. Greenbird

Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales

By Mrs. Greenbird

As the title says, this one is as bright as a shooting star burning like water due to the coldness and simplicity it possesses in its music.
Song Tiny Dancer by A Song for Lily-Mae

Tiny Dancer

By A Song for Lily-Mae

Tiny Dancer is song from Elton John and it's performed by various singers in good will to help four year old Lily-Mae Morrison from Claregalway to overcomea Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.
Song Isn't She Lovely by Jimmy Higham & Jon Walmsley
Song Over You (The Voice Performance) by Cassadee Pope

Over You

By Cassadee Pope

Cassadee Pope music career started in 2008 within a band called Hey Monday. She is American singer and songwriter born in 1989. Her major music style is rock pop punk based music. She also performed some songs in The Voice season 3.
Song Stars (The Voice Performance) by Amanda Brown
Song Seven Nation Army (The Voice Performance) by Melanie Martinez
Song Feel This Moment (feat. Christina Aguilera) by Pitbull

Feel This Moment

By Pitbull

Contribution of Christina Aguilera in this Pitbull's song is simply perfect. This pop/hip hop new songs in 2012 made by two greatest players in music world is just we needed.
Song Change Your Life by Little Mix
Song Gangnam Style by PSY

Gangnam Style


I don't think you even need a description for this one. The song has a different meaning to every listener but over the top, it's a freedom song that you can tune and dance to freely like you've broken the shackles of life.

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